Hiding on the Inside

My response to this week’s Flash Fiction prompt by Carrot Ranch (www.carrotranch.com): write about Fannie Hooe, a girl in Keewanah area of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan who went missing in the 19th century.


Who’s my Fannie Hooe? Jean asked herself after hearing the UP story. Who’s my lost girl who’s never found? Of course, it was herself.

Jean was never missing – not for that long, anyway. She hid in plain sight, though. Went through the motions, learned the rules of the party games. But inside, she was somewhere else: riding a magic carpet, soaring like a bat through hidden caves, gliding down a promenade staircase in high heels – never tripping.

Let the birthday girl’s mom spin her. Around and around. Jean would be dizzy, stumble, blindfolded, toward the donkey. Inside? Somewhere else.

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