Escape Cave

This Flash Fiction piece is in response to the Carrot Ranch ( weekly Flash Fiction challenge: 99 words, no more, no less. The prompt this week was a sketch.

Sixth grade, spring of 1964. Another homework assignment, staring Jean in the face. She couldn’t make herself do it. It would never be good enough for Mrs. O’Neal.
The box of crayons – “64 colors.” The pad of sketch paper, a hobby store gift. Both sang to her, and soon Jean was drawing. The thing almost drew itself.
The cavern appeared in sketch after sketch. An inverted “V” opened to a secret place with pastel walls, alternating blues and pinks. Oh, secret, soft cave. Safe cave.
If only this place were real, Jean thought. Mrs. O’Neal would never find me.


4 thoughts on “Escape Cave

  1. How many of us find refuge in creative pursuits, to escape those whose purpose in life is to make sure everybody else can be “just a little better.” This spoke to me!

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