New Cranes, Old Memories

This week’s entry in the Flash Fiction prompt hosted by Charli Mills and Carrot Ranch ( The prompt was the “charisma of cranes,” which one could take in a more ornithological direction, but I did something different: 

After the Wall came down, Berlin was a flurry of new construction. Huge cranes punctuated the landscape everywhere. The noise was its own buzz. Everywhere were fences around the sites. Boards with sketches of the respective projects.

After jetlag had settled, Jean and Steve couldn’t take their eyes off them, the sheer modernity, buildings popping up everywhere.

Away from the big tourist draws: the New Synagogue, rebuilt in 1995, 57 years after Kristallnight. Jean first saw it in 1980. Fenced off, a sign telling the story, ending with the words: “Never forget this.” Glass still tinkled as it fell.

4 thoughts on “New Cranes, Old Memories

  1. Your flash sent a ripple of chills through me and I imagine that’s a mere smidgeon of the emotion you must have felt upon hearing 40-year-old glass fall. Powerful writing!


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